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Adding New Slides
Using Slides from Another File
If you have a saved presentation with slides that
can help you in the current presentation, you can
copy them, thereby saving lots of time. You have
the option of not only copying the slide content,
but if you want it, you can also copy the
formatting. Just follow these easy steps:
5. Click Open. All the slides in the selected
presentation appear in the Reuse Slides pane (see
Figure 14-10).
Keep Source Formatting option
Choose Home>Slides and click the New Slide
2. Click Reuse Slides. The Reuse Slides pane,
seen in Figure 14-9, opens on the right side
of the screen.
Figure 14-10
Reusing slides from other presentations.
Figure 14-9
Select the presentation you want to copy from.
6. By default, the reused slides use the design
elements in the currently open presentation.
If you also want the design formats in the
saved presentation, click the Keep Source
Formatting option.
3. Click the Browse button and choose Browse
Select the slides you want to reuse. PowerPoint
inserts the slide into the presentation.
4. Locate and click the PowerPoint presentation
from which you want to select slides.
8. When you are finished selecting slides to
reuse, click the Close (x) button to close the
Reuse Slides pane.
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