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Adding Slide Objects
Attaching Graphic Images
When working with a content slide, you can, as
you just discovered, add bullet point text. Another
element type you can add to a content slide is a
graphic image. Graphic images come in the form
of pictures, which are usually in the form of a
photograph but could be any saved graphic image or
clipart that is a graphic and is small in size, usually
in the form of an illustration or line drawing.
Adding Clipart
While most Office applications have the ability to
insert clipart into a file, adding clipart to a slide,
especially one with quite a few bullet points, brings
both interest and distractions to an otherwise dull
slide. Office ships with hundreds of clipart images
and thousands more are available online, free from
Microsoft. Office stores clipart in collections with
keywords so you can easily locate the image you
want. Whatever the topic, you are sure to find a
clipart image that complements it. Here is how you
can add clipart to a slide content placeholder:
A slide content placeholder has six icons in the
middle as you see in Figure 14-12. As you hover
your mouse over each icon, the icon brightens and
a ScreenTip appears to describe the type of
content. The six content icons are Insert Table, Insert
Chart, Insert SmartArt Graphic, Insert Picture from
File, ClipArt, and Insert Media Clip.
Choose the slide you want to place clipart
and in the content placeholder, click the Clip
Art icon. If you do not want the clipart in the
content placeholder, but just as a separate
screen object, choose Insert>Images>Clip
Art. Either way, the Clip Art pane appears on
the right side of the screen.
Clip Art
from File
2. In the Search For box, type a word or short
phrase that best describes the image you
want. For example, typing planet brings up a
collection of artwork ranging from globes to
3. Click the Go button. Office displays the
available clipart that matches your request (see
Figure 14-13).
4. Click the image you want. The image appears
in the slide as you see in Figure 14-14.
5. Click the Close button to close the Clip Art
Figure 14-12
Click to insert content into a content placeholder.
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