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Adding Slide Objects
Chapter 14
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
Chapter 15, “Editing Your Presentation,”
shows you how to move, resize, and
otherwise manage graphic images.
Adding Saved Pictures
If you have a digital photograph or other graphic
image such as a company logo, you can place it on
the slide as well. To insert an existing graphics file
into your slide, follow these steps:
In the content placeholder for the slide you
want a picture, click the Insert Picture from
File icon. If you do not want the image in the
content placeholder, but just as a separate
screen object, choose Insert>Images>Picture.
The Insert Picture dialog box opens.
Figure 14-13
Click the clipart graphic you want to use.
2. Locate and select the image you want to insert.
3. Click Insert. PowerPoint inserts the image
you selected into the content placeholder or
elsewhere on the slide (see Figure 14-15).
Close button
Figure 14-14
The clipart image appears in your slide.
Figure 14-15
Adding a picture to the slide.
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