Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Adding Slide Objects
Chapter 14
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
You will find the Table Tools Layout tab is very
similar to the Word Table Tools Layout tab. It includes
tools with which you can insert and delete rows,
merge and split cells, change row height and
column width, and manage text directions.
The PowerPoint Table Tools Design tab also is
almost identical to the Word Table Tools Design
tab. From there you can select styles, borders, and
fill options for your table.
Building Charts
Chapter 13, “Generating Excel Charts,” is an entire
chapter devoted to creating charts. The charts you
create in a PowerPoint slide are very similar with
one difference. In PowerPoint, you decide on the
chart first, then you enter the data. The following
shows the steps involved:
Figure 14-18
Choosing a chart style.
3. Edit the worksheet data so the labels and
values portray the data you want shown. As you
make the changes, the chart in the PowerPoint
window immediately reflects the changes (see
Figure 14-19).
From the slide you want to place a chart,
click the Insert Chart icon on the content
placeholder, or, if you are not using a content
placeholder, choose Insert> Illustrations>
Chart Steps
If you want to place a chart in you Word
document, you also can choose Insert>
Illustrations>Chart. The remaining steps are
identical in both Word and PowerPoint.
2. From the Insert Chart dialog box seen in
Figure 14-18, select the chart style you want
and then click OK. Your PowerPoint window
resizes itself to half the screen and an Excel
worksheet window with sample data in it
appears on the right.
Figure 14-19
Enter the chart data into the Excel worksheet.
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