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Adding Slide Objects
Chapter 14
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
the border edge of the shape you want to remove.
When the shape is selected, you see eight selection
handles around the box. Press the Delete key to
delete the unwanted shape.
Figure 14-20
A cycle diagram created from SmartArt.
Begin by clicking the Insert SmartArt Graphic icon
in the content placeholder or by choosing
Insert>Illustrations>SmartArt. The Choose a
SmartArt Graphic dialog box seen in Figure 14-21
appears. Select the diagram type you want, and
then from the List section, choose the diagram
subtype and click OK. The illustrations in this
section show a hierarchy organization chart.
Figure 14-22
Deleting unwanted shapes.
Adding Text to a Diagram
Notice that each box in the diagram has a text
placeholder. To add text to your diagram you could click
each individual placeholder and type the desired
text. A faster way, however, is to use the Text pane
that appears on the left side of the diagram (see
Figure 14-23). Selection handles surrounding the
graphic shape are tied to your insertion point
location on the Text pane. As you enter text, it
automatically resizes to fit in the selected diagram shape.
Text pane SmartArt Tools tabs Selected shape
Figure 14-21
Choose the type of SmartArt you want to create.
Removing Shapes
Later in this chapter you will see how you can add
additional shapes to your diagram. If, however,
your diagram has shapes you do not want or need,
you can easily delete them. In Figure 14-22, you
see an organization diagram that automatically
begins with a high level, an assistant level, and
three sublevels. If you don’t want the Assistant
box, for example, you can remove it. Simply click
Figure 14-23
Entering text into the Text pane.
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