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Adding Slide Objects
Chapter 14
Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
2. Choose SmartArt Tools Design>Create
Graphic and click the Add Shape arrow. A list
of choices appears.
3. Choose Add Assistant. The Assistant box
appears. In the Text pane, instead of a bullet
point like the other shapes, the Assistant
appears at the bottom of the list with a
rightangled arrow (see Figure 14-26).
Figure 14-25
A single-level Text pane.
When adding shapes to a hierarchy diagram, you
have additional decisions to make such as at what
level you want the new shape placed. If you are
adding a peer-level shape, you use the Text pane.
Click at the beginning of the line where you want
the new shape and press the Enter key. On the
resulting blank line, type the text for the new shape.
Figure 14-26
Adding an assistant.
If, however, you want to add an assistant-level
shape, follow these steps:
Changing the SmartArt Layout
If after working on your diagram you decide you
should have chosen a different style, you do not
have to start all over. Choose SmartArt Tools
Design>Layouts and select from the layouts. As you
pause your mouse over any layout, Live Preview
displays your chart as it would appear in the new
layout. In Figure 14-27, you see the original
organization chart changed to a Circle Picture Hierarchy.
The Add Assistant feature is available only
if you are working with an Organization
In the Text pane, click the line for the shape
to which you want to add an assistant.
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