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Adding Slide Objects
Figure 14-27
Select a different layout.
Figure 14-28
Selecting a new shape.
Remember that only an organization chart can
have an assistant, so in this example, choosing a
different layout forces the assistant to a peer level.
Text Size Change
Changing shapes may force the text size on
all the shapes to change. If your shape size
needs modified, choose SmartArt Tools
Format>Shapes and choose Larger or Smaller.
Changing Shapes
If you want to call special attention to a certain
area of your diagram, you can change the shape.
Optionally, you can change the shapes for all the
diagram shape objects. For example, you want the
assistant to be in the form of a circle instead of
the square cornered box. Or perhaps you want a
box to have rounded corner boxes instead of the
square corners.
Changing a Diagram Style
If you want to add a little style to your diagram,
you can select from a variety of predefined styles
that are coordinated and would look good with
your current diagram layout. You can also change
the colors assigned to the diagram. The color
choices available depend on the PowerPoint
presentation theme. You learn how to apply designs and
themes in Chapter 16.
Select the shape you want to change and choose
SmartArt Tools Format>Shapes>Change Shape.
A gallery of shapes like the one you see in Figure
14-28 appears. Choose a new shape and the
diagram reflects the change.
If you want to change the diagram colors, choose
SmartArt Tools Design>SmartArt Styles>Change
Colors. A drop-down gallery similar to what you
see in Figure 14-29 appears. Again, as you pause
your mouse over any choice Live Preview shows
you how it looks on your diagram.
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