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Changing Views
Chapter 15
Editing Your Presentation
Figure 15-3
Selecting slides.
Figure 15-2
Zoom the slides in or out.
Deleting Slides
Using the Slide Sorter view makes deleting slides
only a keystroke away. Simply select the slides you
do not want and press the Delete key. Optionally,
after selecting the unwanted slides, press Delete.
Double-click a slide to display the slide in
Normal view.
Selecting Slides
Before you can manipulate the slides, you need to
select them. Simply click once on an individual
slide. Selected slides have a heavy border around
them. If you want to select multiple slides, do one
of the following:
Undo Errors
If you accidentally delete the wrong slides,
immediately click the Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar or press Ctrl+Z.
To select a sequential group of slides, click
once on the first slide, hold down the Shift
key, and click the last slide in the group. All
the selected slides display a heavy border
around them.
Rearranging Slides
You might decide that you would rather display
slides in a different order than you originally
created. First select the slide you want to move and then
drag the slide into a new position. As you drag the
mouse, a solid line indicating the new slide position
appears between two slides, as seen in Figure 15-4.
When you release the mouse button, the selected
slide moves into the new position.
To select a non-sequential group of slides,
click once on the first slide, hold down the
Ctrl key, and click on each additional slide
you want. In Figure 15-3, slides 3, 5, and 6
are selected.
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