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Modifying Slide Layouts
Chapter 15
Editing Your Presentation
Modifying Slide Layouts
When you first create a new
slide, you must choose a slide layout;
however, as you work on the slide, you
might find that you want to change the layout. For
example, you might need to change a Title and
Content layout slide to a Two Content slide.
You can change layouts from either Normal view or
Slide Sorter view. Select the slide or slides you want
to change and choose Home>Slides>Layout. A
gallery of slide layout options appears as you see in
Figure 15-7. If you have a design applied to your
presentation, the available layouts reflect the design.
Choose the layout you want. The slide layout
changes and all objects are rearranged. Depending
on the layout and the current view, you may see
new placeholders.
Figure 15-7
Choosing a different layout.
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