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Adding Multimedia and WordArt to Your Presentation
Adding Multimedia and WordArt to Your
In the previous chapter you discovered
how to place objects into the slide, primarily by
using the content placeholder icons. One content
placeholder icon not discussed in the last chapter
was multimedia, which includes audio or video files.
In this section, you discover how to add multimedia
to your slide as well as a creative art object called
WordArt. You will also learn how to add and format
your own lines and shapes to any slide.
sound file, first select the slide on which you want
the sound file. Next, choose Insert>Media and
either click the Audio button or click the arrow on
the Audio button. Clicking just the Audio button
displays the Insert Sound dialog box, and clicking
the arrow displays additional options as you see in
Figure 15-8.
Inserting Multimedia
Multimedia is described as the use of computers to
present text, graphics, video, animation, and sound
files in an integrated way. PowerPoint by itself is a
multimedia application because it can use those
file types in a presentation. For the purpose of this
book, the term multimedia file will refer to an
animation, video, or sound file.
Figure 15-8
Choosing a sound clip.
Choose one of the following:
You can insert a multimedia file either in a content
placeholder or anywhere on the slide. Because
multimedia files typically have an action or sound
associated with them, sometimes you will only see
an icon that represents the file. The media action
or sound in the file becomes apparent whenever
you run the presentation in a slide show.
Just like clicking directly on the Audio
button, the Audio from File option displays the
Insert Audio dialog box seen in Figure 15-9.
From there you locate the sound file you
want to use and click Insert. A sound icon
with audio controls under it appears in the
middle of your slide. You can click the sound
icon and drag it anywhere you want on the
slide. Two Audio Tools tabs also appear.
Inserting Sounds
If you have a sound file that you want to play
when viewing a particular slide, you can add it to
the slide. Because sound files typically have no
picture associated with them, you see only an icon on
the slide in the shape of a speaker. To insert a
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