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Adding Multimedia and WordArt to Your Presentation
the arrow gives you the option of adding Video from
File or Video from Clip Art organizer. Clicking the
Video icon is the same as choosing Video from File.
It displays the Insert Video dialog box. You locate
and select the movie you want and choose Open.
WordArt might be your solution. With WordArt,
you can take headings or key words and add
decorative color schemes, shapes, and special effects.
The following steps show you how to create a
WordArt object.
Alternative Method
Select the slide on which you want the
WordArt and choose Insert>Text>WordArt. A
gallery of options appears as you see in
Figure 15-13.
If you have a content placeholder on the slide,
you can click the Insert Media Clip icon which
also displays the Insert Video dialog box.
PowerPoint places the movie in the middle of the
slide and displays the movie image in the middle of
the current slide. Like a sound file, if you select the
movie image it becomes selected and the Video Tools
Format and Video Tools Playback tabs appear where
you can manage the video file (see Figure 15-12).
You can add WordArt to any Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, or Publisher document. In
Publisher, choose Insert>Text>WordArt.
The choices in Publisher are slightly
different than in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
Figure 15-12
The Video Tools Format tab.
Designing with WordArt
Adding text and art to a slide is one way to add
visual excitement, but if you’re the creative type or
if you want your text to have more impact,
Figure 15-13
The WordArt gallery.
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