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Managing Objects
Managing Objects
Now that you have all of these
objects on your slides, you probably need
to manipulate them a little. You can move
them to a different location, adjust their size,
change brightness or contrast, or just delete an
object you don’t want. If you have multiple objects,
you can align them, group them, or even place one
object on top of or beneath another. In this section
you discover how to take any of those actions.
Mouse pointer
Edit Slide Text
If you want to edit the text on a slide, simply
click in the text you want to edit. If the text
is in a text placeholder, you can also edit it in
the Outline pane.
Figure 15-20
Dragging the object to a new position.
If you want to move the object just a little bit, you
may find it easier to use the keyboard. After
selecting the object, use the up, down, left, or right
arrow keys to nudge the object into a different
Moving Objects
If an object is not where you want it, you can
easily move it to another place on the slide. Click the
image to select it and then position the mouse
pointer over any part of the selected image except
the selection handles or the green rotation
handle. The mouse pointer has four arrow heads. Drag
the image to the desired position. As you see in
Figure 15-20, a lightly transparent version of the
object indicates the new position. When you
release the mouse button, the object moves to the
new location.
Use Cut and Paste
If you want to place the object on a different
slide, use the cut and paste features.
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