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Managing Objects
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Aligning Multiple Objects
If your slide contains multiple graphic objects, like
the ones you see in Figure 15-24, you may want
some of them to line up with each other.
PowerPoint includes a tool to make aligning
objects quick and easy. Just follow these steps:
Figure 15-22
Rotating an object.
Flipping an Object
If you want to reverse the direction of a picture or
other object, you can flip it vertically or
horizontally. Take a look at the bird in Figure 15-23. In the
picture on the left the bird is facing left, but on the
right side image, which is the same photograph,
the bird is facing right. To flip an object, select the
object and choose Home>Drawing>Arrange>
Rotate and choose Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical.
Figure 15-24
Multiple objects that need aligning.
Select the first object you want to align and
then hold down the Ctrl key and select each
additional object.
2. Choose Home>Drawing>Arrange>Align. A
menu of alignment options appears.
3. Choose one of the following alignment
Align Left: Aligns the objects along
their left edges
Align Center: Centers the objects
horizontally along their middles
Align Right: Aligns the objects along
their right edges
Align Top: Aligns the objects along
their top edges
Figure 15-23
Flipping an image.
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