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Managing Objects
Chapter 15
Editing Your Presentation
Align Middle: Centers the objects
vertically along their middles
View Gridlines
Align Bottom: Aligns the objects along
their bottom edges
Optionally, from the Align options, choose
View Gridlines to display a grid that you can
use to manually align the objects.
Two additional options on the alignment choices
apply when you have three or more objects
selected. Distribute Horizontally calculates the total
space from the left edge of the left most object to
the right edge of the right most object and evenly
divides the space between the selected objects.
Distribute Vertically calculates the total space from
the top edge of the top object to the bottom edge
of the bottom object and evenly divides the space
between the selected objects.
Stacking Objects
When you have multiple objects, sometimes you
want them to overlap. Depending on the order in
which the images were created, you may have one
object covering up another object you don’t want
covered. In Figure 15-26, you see a chart, an arrow,
and a circle, with the circle being the topmost
object. In this sample, the circle should be on the
bottom and the arrow on the top, making the
chart in the middle of the three objects.
In Figure 15-25, I aligned the object tops and
distributed the space horizontally.
Figure 15-26
Incorrectly stacked objects.
Figure 15-25
Selecting an alignment option.
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