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Managing Objects
Chapter 15
Editing Your Presentation
If you need to adjust the image boundaries so it
better fits the area you want, drag any of the selection
lines so the selection box contains the image portion
you want. If you want to be more specific in the
areas you want to keep, click Background Removal>
Refine>Mark Areas to Keep and draw around the
areas you want. You can also click the Mark Areas to
Remove button and draw around areas you don’t
want. Each time you draw an area, you see a white
marker. If you mark an area in error, click the Delete
Mark button and click the marker you don’t want.
Figure 15-29
The Picture Tools Format tab.
Making Picture Adjustments
The Adjust group contains seven options. The first
option, the Remove Background feature, is new to
PowerPoint 2010, and allows you to remove
background detail from an image allowing only a
selected portion to remain visible. Begin by selecting the
picture you want to modify and from the Picture
Tools Format tab, in the Adjust group, click the
Remove Background button. Your screen changes,
similar to the one seen in Figure 15-30. PowerPoint
guesses the image background and turns it
magenta. The image foreground remains visible.
When you are finished, click Background
Removal>Close>Keep Changes. PowerPoint
removes the background. You can then add effects
such as shadows, reflections, or glows to the
remaining image portion. See Figure 15-31 where I
added shadows to the flowers and placed a black
rectangle under them.
Selection border
Figure 15-31
After removing the background.
Figure 15-30
Removing the background area.
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