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Managing Objects
Other picture adjustments include:
The Corrections button displays a gallery
where you can adjust the image brightness
and contrast. The original image begins at
0% and you can make the image up to 40%
brighter or darken it by 40%.
The Color button applies a coloring effect
such as sepia, black and white, or other
color variations.
The Artistic Effects button displays a gallery
where you can apply cool effects such as
texture, water sponge, or photocopy. Pause
your cursor over any effect to see the effect
on your picture.
Figure 15-32
Applying a picture style.
The Compress Pictures button applies a
compression algorithm to all the
presentation pictures in order to reduce the
document size.
In the same group you also have options to change
the picture shape and border or to add effects.
Through the Picture Shape option you can make
your picture take the shape of an arrow, circle,
callout, or any of the many different shapes. The
Picture Border allows you to assign a color to the
frame around your picture. The Picture Effects
option provides options for adding shadows, glows,
soft edges, and other options. You discovered the
effects options when working with objects earlier
in this chapter.
The Change Picture button displays the
Insert Picture dialog box where you can
replace the current picture.
The Reset Picture button undoes any
editing and formatting you performed on the
selected picture. Trust me…this button will
become your friend!
Cropping the Picture
The process of cropping removes unwanted
portions of an image.
Working with Picture Styles
The Picture Styles group on the Picture Tools
Format tab offers a gallery of styles with
preformatted shapes and three-dimensional effects. Click
the More button to see the complete gallery, as
shown in Figure 15-32.
Select the picture you want to crop and then
choose Picture Tools Format>Size>Crop. Your
mouse pointer turns into a cropping tool,
and instead of selection handles the picture
has cropping handles.
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