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Chapter 16 Formatting Your Presentation
Formatting Your
Picture yourself walking down the grocery aisle. You
immediately recognize many products because of their appearance.
The soup brand you use touts a half red and half white label. Your
favorite peanut butter has red, blue, and green stripes with white
lettering, and your usual laundry detergent is in a big orange bottle. What you
count on is the consistency of the brand label. Think about it. When
certain delivery people walk into your presence, you know who they
represent because of their uniform appearance.
Uniformity is also important when creating a presentation. It not only
shows professionalism, but maintaining consistency helps your audience
know that you are still working on a particular topic. What you don’t
want, however, is a completely boring presentation where all slides look
the same. A certain amount of variety is important, but the basic design
on a presentation topic should be consistent. This chapter is about the
look and consistency of a PowerPoint presentation. You will discover how
to quickly apply a professionally designed theme to your presentation as
well as modify that look or even create your own.
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