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Changing Theme Options
Chapter 16
Formatting Your Presentation
the colors blend together, and the
Gradient stops, which control how
smoothly they blend.
Figure 16-6
Choosing a background texture.
Don’t Distract the Audience
Figure 16-5
Creating a background gradient fill.
Using pictures for a slide background can be
extremely distracting from the slide content,
especially if the image has lots of colors. Use
this feature sparingly, and if you do use it,
adjust the transparency so the image is light
in the background.
Picture or Texture Fill: This option
provides a means to select either a
texture for the background or an image. If
you want a texture, click the Texture
button and select an option from the
gallery seen in Figure 16-6. If you want
a picture for your background, either
click the File button and choose your
picture or click the Clip Art button and
choose the clipart you want for your
background. You can also adjust the
transparency and other options for the
texture or image.
5. If you want the new background for all the
slides, choose Apply to All. If you just want
the choice for the current slide, click the
Close button.
Reset Button
Pattern Fill: This option provides a
variety of pattern styles ranging from
polka dots to cross hatch marks.
Patterns consist of two colors and the
option provides buttons where you can
select a background color and a
foreground color.
Click the Reset Background button to start
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