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Working with Slide Masters
Applying Theme Effects
PowerPoint also has Theme Effects you can apply
to your presentation. Theme effects are the
attributes applied to lines and filled objects. When using
an arrow, for example, you can certainly change
the individual arrow effects, but if you have
multiple arrows or other shapes, you probably want
them to have a consistent appearance throughout
the presentation.
Choose Design>Themes>Effects and click the
theme effect you want to use from the gallery seen
in Figure 16-7.
Figure 16-7
Choosing a theme effect.
Working with Slide Masters
You already know that consistency in
a presentation is important. For example, in
each slide layout, the fonts and font sizes are
consistent, the placeholder frames are in the same
position, and all the bullet point items have the
same style bullet.
the template. If your presentation already has a lot
of slides, it would be tedious to place the logo or
change the font or color on each and every slide.
Instead, you can work with the Slide Master. Think
of the Slide Master as the control center for the
presentation. The Slide Master view controls the
fonts, sizes, bullet styles, colors, alignments,
spacing, and more for each slide type of your
presentation. It is also where you place any art, such as a
logo, that you want on every slide in exactly the
same position and in the same size.
Often, one of the themed templates is almost, but
not quite, right for your presentation. Perhaps a
color is slightly different than you really want, or
you want your company logo on each slide, or
maybe you want a different font than supplied with
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