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Working with Slide Masters
Chapter 16
Formatting Your Presentation
Choose View>Master Views>Slide Master. As seen
in Figure 16-8, on the Slide List pane, you have the
various masters for each slide layouts and a master
slide and in the slide pane, you have the current
slide layout master. Switching to Slide Master view
presents a Slide Master tab with tools for working
with the Slide Master.
To make any changes to the master, select the
master you want to modify and if the item you want to
modify is in a placeholder, select the placeholder.
Using the instructions you learned in previous
chapters, do any of the following:
Insert an image such as a logo.
Move, delete, insert, or resize a placeholder.
If you already have slides in your presentation, the
Slide List pane can show you which slides are used
by each layout. Pause your mouse over a layout to
reveal the information. As you also see in Figure
16-8, as the cursor pauses over the Title and
Content slide, a ScreenTip appears indicating that
the layout is used by slides 3 through 8.
Change the font, font size, color, or other
font attributes.
Add borders to any placeholder.
Modify the bullet style. See the next section
for instructions on changing bullet styles.
Figure 16-9 shows the Slide Master after the
following edits, and because the edits were done on
the Slide Master instead of a layout master, the
changes apply to all slides.
Slide master Slide layout masters
Figure 16-8
Working with Slide Masters.
Figure 16-9
After editing the Slide Master.
In the Slide List pane, the top slide is called the
Slide Master and the ones below it are the
individual slide layout masters. Changes you make to the
master slide affect all layouts, but you can still
individualize a specific layout by choosing the slide
layout master you want modified and making
changes to it.
The title font type is changed to Cooper
The title font color is changed from
gray/black to blue.
A shadow is added to the title text.
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