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Working with Slide Masters
A graphic is added in the lower-left corner.
From the Slide Master, select the content
placeholder and choose Home>Paragraph and click the
arrow next to Bullets. A gallery of bullet styles
appears as shown in Figure 16-11.
The content section bullet style is changed
from a round bullet to an arrow.
If you want to make changes to an individual slide
layout master, select the slide layout master and
make the desired change. In Figure 16-10, clipart is
added to the Title Slide layout master, giving the
bottom of the slide layout a different appearance
than the rest of the slide layouts.
Single Slide Bullet Change
If you want to change the bullets for a single
slide, instead of the Slide Master or a specific
slide layout, choose the slide from the
Normal view instead of the Slide Master view.
Figure 16-10
Changing options on a specific layout.
Close Master
Figure 16-11
Selecting a different bullet style.
When you are finished modifying the Slide
Masters, choose Slide Master>Close>Close
Master View.
Either select one of the bullet styles shown or
click the Bullets and Numbering option to display
the Bullets and Numbering dialog box (see Figure
16-12). From the Bullets and Numbering dialog
box you can change the bullet size or color, select
from hundreds of bullet styles, or choose a picture
to use as a bullet.
Modifying the Bullet Style
If you want to select different bullet style other
than the standard, you can choose from a bullet
style gallery or even use a picture. You can also
change the bullet color.
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