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Working with Slide Masters
Chapter 16
Formatting Your Presentation
Bullet size Bullet color
Figure 16-13
The Wingding font provides lots of bullet style
Figure 16-12
The Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
Close Master View
To choose different bullet styles, click the
Customize button, which displays the Symbol
dialog box. Select the symbol you want to use.
Optionally, from the Font drop-down menu, choose
a different font. Many fonts display different
symbols such as the Wingdings symbols you see in
Figure 16-13. Click the OK button after you select a
symbol. Click OK again if you are finished and want
to close the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.
When you are finished modifying the Slide
Masters, choose Slide Master>Close>Close
Master View.
Generating Footers
In earlier chapters, you discovered how, in a Word
or Excel document, you could place a header at the
top of every page and place footers at the bottom
of every page. PowerPoint also lets you create
headers and footers for all your slides. In fact, by
default, all new blank presentations come with
some type of header and/or footer placeholders.
Take a look at the Slide Master in Figure 16-14
where you see the placeholders at both the top
and the bottom of the Slide Master. In the Slide
Master, optionally drag the placeholders to other
positions or delete them if you do not want them.
Change Number Style
If you are using numbering on your slides,
you can change the number style from the
Bullets and Numbering dialog box. Click the
Numbered tab to make your selection.
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