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Finishing Your Presentation
can move the placeholders, for example, if you
prefer the note text on top and the slide on the
bottom. Any formatting option you can apply in the
presentation, you can also apply in the Notes
Master. When you finish setting up your
parameters for the Notes Master, choose Notes
Master>Close>Close Master View.
Figure 16-17
Entering notes in the Notes page.
Editing the Notes Master
Like the Slide Master that controls the slide design
and layout, PowerPoint provides a Notes Master.
Choose View>Master Views>Notes Master. From
the Notes Master seen in Figure 16-18, you can
change the default font, perhaps making it larger
and easier to read when in a dimly lit room. You
Figure 16-18
Changing the Notes Master.
Finishing Your Presentation
You’ve put a lot of work into
creating your presentation and you are almost
ready to present it. Before you do, however,
you want to check it for errors. You may also want
to print some or all of the presentation.
Checking Your Spelling
Ouch! Nothing can detract more from your
presentation than misspelled words. Word and Excel have
a tool for checking your spelling, and so does
PowerPoint. Like Word and Excel, PowerPoint
underlines any potential misspellings with a wavy
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