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Finishing Your Presentation
Chapter 16
Formatting Your Presentation
red underline. You can correct the spelling errors
as you type by right-clicking the misspelling and
choosing from the shortcut menu options. You can
also check the entire presentation at once. Choose
Review>Proofing>Spelling, which immediately
launches the Spelling dialog box that stops at the
first misspelled word (see Figure 16-19).
Preparing to Print
When printing, you have quite a few options from
which you can choose. You can print the slides, the
outline, the notes, and handouts. Click the File tab
and choose Print. The Backstage view print panel
seen in Figure 16-20 appears. Here are some of the
choices available in the print panel:
Click here to specify what to print
Figure 16-19
Checking for misspellings.
Select a correct spelling and choose Change or
Change All, add the word to your dictionary, or
ignore the misspelling once or throughout the
entire presentation. The spell check runs through
the presentation and the Masters and then notifies
you when it is complete. Click OK to acknowledge
the message.
Figure 16-20
The print panel.
Copies: Specify the number of copies you
want printed and whether you want them
Printing Your Presentation
The big day has finally arrived and it is time to give
your presentation. Most of the time, presentations
are given on a computer screen, in the form of a
slide show, which you will discover in the next
chapter, “Presenting Your Presentation.”
Sometimes, however, you just want to print your
Printer: Choose the printer you plan on
printing to.
Other Settings: Specify other settings, such
as whether to print all slides, a preselected
group of slides, or the current slide.
Optionally, you can specify whether to print
double-sided (if your printer has the
capability); print-collation order; what you want
to print such as the slides, the outline, the
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