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Chapter 17 Presenting Your Presentation
Presenting Your
Picture yourself standing perfectly still. Now
talk but don’t move. Or move stiff and robotic like. It’s difficult
isn’t it? If you are like most people, you naturally move your
hands when you speak. You don’t need to sing and dance…just get the
point across effectively.
You can also make your slides move as they speak by applying transitions
and animations. PowerPoint calls the movement from one slide to the
next transitions . Transitions add mild excitement to the presentation by
creating special movements as one slide turns into the next slide. Notice
I said mild excitement.
You are finally ready to give your presentation to your group, so you just
apply a few finishing touches to it. This chapter shows you how to
prepare, start, and lead a slide show presentation, as well as give it your own
comments in the form of annotations. You also see how you can package
the slide show so it can run repeatedly by itself or from a CD that you
give to a user.
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