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Adding Transitions and Animations
Chapter 17
Presenting Your Presentation
4. Optionally, choose Transitions>Timing>
Sound drop-down menu. A list of available
sounds appears (see Figure 17-2). Select the
sound you want associated with the
transition or choose Other Sound if you want to
select a sound stored on your computer.
5. Choose Transitions>Timing>Advance Slide
and specify how the slide should advance to
the next slide:
Choose On Mouse Click if you want the
transition to occur when you click the
mouse button.
Choose After if you want the transition
to occur automatically after a specified
In the After box, enter a number of
seconds the slide should display before
advancing to the next slide. As shown
in Figure Figure 17-3, if you select a
timed advance, the number of seconds
displays under the slide.
Transition icon Slide timing
Figure 17-2
Choosing a sound for a transition.
Loop Your Sound
If you want the sound repeated until the
next slide, also click Loop Until Next Sound.
Please, for the sake of your audience, use this
feature sparingly!
Figure 17-3
Enter the slide timing.
Add Both Options
You can also check both options so you can
still manually advance the slide if you want to.
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