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Adding Transitions and Animations
Chapter 17
Presenting Your Presentation
Finally, if you are not sure how much time to
allocate for each slide, you can play the slide show and
let PowerPoint record your timing as you rehearse
your speech.
2. Practice your speech about the current slide
and then click one of the following:
Next: Advance and begin timing the
next slide.
The following steps show you how to rehearse your
presentation and record the timings.
Pause: Temporarily stop recording the
Repeat: Restart the timing and
rehearsal for the current slide.
Prepare Your Notes
3. When you complete the rehearsal and have
gone through all the slides, the dialog box
appears advising you of the total
presentation length and asking you if you want to
save the slide timings. Click Yes if you are
happy with the timing or click No to discard
the timings. You can start the rehearsal
process again.
Before you begin your practice, you will want
to prepare your speaker notes or any other tool
you plan on using during the presentation.
Choose Slide Show>Set Up>Rehearse
Timings. The slide show begins, as you see in
Figure 17-8, and a Record bar appears in the
top-left corner of the screen.
Figure 17-8
Rehearsing slide timings.
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