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Running Your Presentation
Running Your Presentation
The big day has arrived. You have
completed the hard work, so now all you
have to do is sit back and enjoy the show.
Show Options: Determines whether to
repeat the show until you manually stop it
and whether to show any animations or
narrations. Also allows you to choose a pen color
for annotations you make with the electronic
felt tip pen. Red is generally the best choice
because most people can see it easily.
Setting Up the Slide Show
Before you actually give the presentation, you
should set up a few parameters. The Set Up Show
dialog box provides most choices you could want to
use. Choose Slide Show>Set Up>Set Up Slide Show.
The Set Up Show dialog box seen in Figure 17-9
appears with a large variety of slide show options.
Show Slides: Determines which slides you
want to include in the presentation slide
Advance Slides: Determines whether to
advance the slides manually or using the
timings you set up for the individual slides
or during rehearsal.
Multiple Monitors: If you are showing the
slide show on multiple monitors, it controls
which monitor to use for the slide show.
Select any desired options and then click OK.
Starting the Slide Show
Finally! You are ready to view your presentation in
a slide show. You can actually launch the slide
show from several places:
Figure 17-9
The Set Up Show dialog box.
Click the Slide Show view button at the
bottom of the presentation window.
Choose Slide Show>Start Slide Show>From
Show Type: Determines whether to show
the presentation in a window or full screen.
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