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Chapter 2 Getting Started with Word
Getting Started with
Picture yourself as a small child looking through
a glass door. The world looks huge when viewed through the
perspective of a toddler, but generally children aren’t afraid to
explore the world around them. That’s how they learn. In this chapter,
you begin exploring and learning of the world of Microsoft Word.
Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing program that takes your
documents far beyond what you can produce with a typewriter. Whether
you want to write a simple letter to a friend, produce a newsletter for a
professional organization, or even write a complicated, multiple-page
report containing graphics and tables with numerical data, you can
create it in Word.
If this is your first opportunity to use Microsoft Word, you may be a little
overwhelmed by all the buttons and items on the screen. Just remember
that although Word is a powerful program, it’s also very easy to use,
which is why most businesses have adopted it as a company standard.
Don’t worry. You’ll be creating your first document after just a couple of
mouse clicks.
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