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Running Your Presentation
Chapter 17
Presenting Your Presentation
Navigating with the Mouse
When you are in the midst of a slide show
presentation, your mouse pointer hides itself until you
move the mouse. Then, if you position the mouse
over the lower-left corner of the slide, you see the
slide show controls. They are fairly transparent
until you point directly to one of the four buttons:
Previous, Pen, Slides, and Next. Table 17-1 shows
you the four buttons and their functions.
Keyboard Shortcut
To launch the slide show with the keyboard,
press the F5 key.
Figure 17-10 illustrates the slide in full screen view
during the slide show.
Table 17-1 Slide Controls Functions
Jumps to the previous
Displays the pop-up
menu seen in Figure
17-11 where you can
choose annotating pen
Displays a pop-up
menu for making slide
Figure 17-10
A PowerPoint slide show.
Jumps to the next slide
When your slide show completes, a black screen
appears advising you to click the mouse button.
Navigating Slides
If you assigned timings to your slide show and
during the Slide Show setup you elected to use the
timings, you don’t have to do anything but sit back
and watch the show. That is…unless you want to
take control over the timings. You can use either
the mouse or the keyboard to control the actions
in your slide show.
Figure 17-11
Pen options from the slide show controls.
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