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Running Your Presentation
Other mouse options include simply clicking the
left mouse button, which advances you to the next
slide. If you click the right mouse button, a shortcut
menu appears such as you see in Figure 17-12,
from which you can make additional choices. Many
audience members, however, find seeing the
shortcut menu in the middle of a presentation extremely
Table 17-2 Slide Show Keystrokes
Press This
Get This
Next animation or next slide
Next animation or next slide
Previous animation or
previous slide
Change pointer to pen
Change pointer to arrow
Erase annotations
Stop (pause) (Press S again
to resume)
Pause and show black screen
(Press B again to resume)
Pause and show white screen
(Press W again to resume)
End the presentation
Figure 17-12
Right-click shortcut menu.
Pausing the Presentation
Perhaps during the presentation an audience
member asks a question that you need to address. You
can temporarily pause the presentation and
optionally blank out the screen so the audience
focuses on you and what you have to say.
Navigating from the Keyboard
Sometimes navigating with the mouse while giving
the presentation can be difficult and is often
annoying to the audience. A PowerPoint slide show
includes quite a few intuitive keystrokes you can
use to maneuver in the presentation. Table 17-2
shows you some of these keystrokes.
If you have an occasion where you want the
audience to not look at the presentation screen—for
example, if you want listeners to concentrate on
something you are saying—you can temporarily
blank the screen. The slides timings do not advance.
If you just want to pause the presentation, press
the letter S or click the Slide control button and
choose Pause. To resume the presentation, press the
letter S again or click the Slide control button and
choose Resume. When you pause the presentation,
the presentation remains visible on the screen.
Jump to a Slide
To go to a certain slide, enter the slide number
and press Enter.
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