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Chapter 18 Creating an Access Database
Creating an Access
Picture yourself getting ready for an antique sale. You
need a list of all the items and you also want to record pertinent
information such as their date and estimated value. Instead of
reaching for a pad and paper, you create an Access database. A database
is described as a comprehensive collection of related data organized for
convenient access. You can use a database for organizing things like
customer lists or inventory lists. One advantage of using a database is that all
of the information is kept together. You don’t have to access multiple
files to get to your data.
You actually use databases every day. Every time you look up a recipe
from your recipe book, you’ve looked in a database. Each time you look
up a phone number in your Outlook contact list, you’re using a database.
Even though entire books are written about using Access, you’ll find the
Access application of Office a powerful but easy-to-use database. In this
chapter, you learn how to create a database, add, edit, and delete records
and be introduced to the sometimes-confusing database terms.
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