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Exploring Access
Navigation Pane Security warning
In staying consistent with other Office products,
the top of the Access window has a Ribbon with
various tabs and groups. Depending on the steps
you take in the database, you may see additional
tabs appear.
Along the left edge of the screen is the Navigation
Pane . When in its collapsed state, all you see are
the words Navigation Pane and a double arrow at
the top of it. Click the double arrow and the
Navigation Pane expands as you see in Figure 18-5.
The expanded pane displays all the tables, forms,
queries, and reports that belong to the database.
The white icons represent tables or forms and the
green icons represent reports. Double-click any
icon and the pane on the right expands to display
the element.
Figure 18-4
The sample Faculty List database.
When you open one of the sample templates
provided with Access, in order to protect your
computer, Access displays a Security Warning. You will see
this warning whenever you open a database that
was created somewhere other than your own
computer. Make sure you know where the database
originated and that it is safe, then click Enable Content.
Forms and Tables Reports
This Faculty database doesn’t have any records in it
yet, but the main screen you are seeing is called
the Faculty List table. The name appears at the top
of the table (also called a datasheet), which looks
very much like an Excel worksheet but doesn’t
have the column letters and row numbers you see
in Excel. Instead, the columns have names that
describe the content of each column.
Figure 18-5
Expanded Navigation Pane.
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