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Exploring the Word Window
Exploring the Word Window
As mentioned in Chapter 1, many
items you see when you open the Word
window are common to several other Office
applications such as the Ribbon, tabs, groups, and
status bar. The following list illustrates a few
elements specific to Word (see Figure 2-1).
Ruler: Use the rulers to measure the
document settings within the page margins. (See
Chapter 4, “Managing Word Pages,” for
information on setting margins.)
Show Rulers
Ruler Insertion point View controls
By default, Word does not display the rulers.
Show the rulers by choosing View>Show>Ruler.
Document screen: The white area of the
screen is where your typed text appears.
Insertion point: The blinking vertical line
in the document screen indicates where
text will appear when you begin typing.
View controls: Buttons on the status bar
show you your document from various
perspectives. (See Chapter 4 for more about
changing views.)
Figure 2-1
Word screen elements.
Mouse pointer: The shape of the mouse
pointer will change as you move it to
different areas on the screen.
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