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Creating a New Database
4. Type a name for the next field. Field names
cannot be longer than 64 characters.
Date/Time: Use this to store dates
such as Sales Date or Birth Date or
times such as Ending Time or
Manufacturing Time.
5. Press the Tab key. The highlight moves to the
Data Type field.
Currency: Use this to store raw
numbers, but format the numbers as
currency with dollar signs. Currency fields
can be used in calculations.
6. You need to tell Access what type of
information this field will hold. Will it be text, dates,
currency values, numeric data, or something
else? Click the Data Type arrow and choose a
data type from the drop-down menu you see
in Figure 18-10.
AutoNumber: Use this for Access to
create sequentially unique numbered
Yes/No: Use this for storing
information that answers the questions Yes or
No, On or Off, or True or False. Access
will display the field with a check box.
When checked it means “Yes” and
when unchecked it means “No”.
Primary key field
OLE Object: Use this to embed
information from an outside source, such as
a photo, or auxiliary Word or Excel
Hyperlink: Use this field type to store
hyperlinks to other documents or
Attachment: Use this to create an
attachment to an outside document.
Similar to, but more efficient than,
OLE objects.
Figure 18-10
Selecting a field type.
Text: Use this for entering information
such as a name or street addresses.
Text fields can be a maximum of 255
Calculated: Use this if you need a
calculation derived from at least one
numeric field in the same table.
Lookup Wizard: Use this for
providing a drop-down menu with choices to
select from. For example, if you have
an inventory item that comes in four
colors, you might have a “Color” field
set up as a Lookup Wizard. Then the
person doing the data entry picks the
color from a list.
Memo: Use this for storing longer
descriptions, up to 65,535 characters.
Number: Use this to store raw
numbers. Number fields can be used in
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