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Creating a New Database
Chapter 18
Creating an Access Database
Click the Save button on the Quick Access
Toolbar. You don’t have to save your records in
a database as Access does that automatically
for you, but you do have to save design
Enter Long Description
Optionally, enter a description of the field in
the Description column.
9. Click Home>Views>View (arrow)>Datasheet
View. You see the table, but the column
headings now appear as your individual field
names, as you see in Figure 18-12.
Click in the next field and enter a field name
and data type. Use as many fields as needed
to complete your database. Each field name
must be unique. See Figure 18-11 for an
To close the table, click its Close box.
Close box
Figure 18-11
Creating multiple fields.
Figure 18-12
A table ready for data.
Field Properties
See Chapter 19 for information on changing
the Field Properties displayed at the bottom
of the Design View window.
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