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Working with Records
First record
Previous record
Current record number
Next record
Last record
Figure 18-20
View controls.
Navigating Around in a Form
Form View allows you to see one record at a time
and like in Datasheet View, you can easily edit any
record. You locate the record you want, drag across
and highlight the field information you want to
change, and then type the new changes. When you
press Tab or click out of the current field, Access
saves your changes.
Deleting Records
You can delete the entire record or just the data in
a particular field record. When you delete a record,
the entire record is gone from both the Datasheet
View and the Form View. The method you use
depends on which option you want and what view
you are currently using:
If you are in Datasheet View, and you want
to delete only the data in one field of a
single record, highlight the record cell data by
clicking once on the data cell, and then
clicking once on the border surrounding
the data. (See Figure 18-22.) Next, press the
Delete key or choose Home>Records>
Delete. No warning is given, and the field
empties. You can undo (Ctrl+Z) this if you
deleted the wrong field information.
Also like the Datasheet View, you have view
controls at the bottom of the window, which allow you
to quickly navigate to the first record, next record,
previous record, and last record. The view controls
also show you the current record number and the
total number of records. See Figure 18-21.
View controls
A selected field
Figure 18-22
A selected field.
Figure 18-21
Viewing records in Form View.
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