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Moving Around the Screen
Chapter 2
Getting Started with Word
Moving Around the Screen
As you type a few lines of text,
you’ll notice that you don’t need to press
the Enter key at the end of each line. The
program automatically moves down (or wraps) to
the next line for you. Word calls this feature word
wrap. You need only to press the Enter key to start
a new paragraph.
Click and Type insertion point
To make changes to your document, you’ll need to
move the insertion point. Take a look at several
methods Word provides for moving around the screen.
Using Click and Type
You can position the insertion point anywhere on
the document using the Click and Type feature.
Double-click your mouse pointer where you want to
type. Word determines and sets any necessary
paragraph formatting based on where you double-click.
Figure 2-2
Using Click and Type.
Different than a typewriter where you have to use
the carriage return at the end of every line, in a
Word document, you don’t use the Enter key
(which is the equivalent of the carriage return),
until you reach the end of a paragraph. When you
reach the end of a line, you just keep typing
because Word knows where the margins are. You’ll
learn about setting margins in Chapter 4.
Click and Type Restriction
The Click and Type feature works only if you
are using Print Layout or the Web Layout view.
You can see the margins, too: the dotted rectangle on
the page shows you where they are. Just keep typing
and Word will wrap the text within the margins.
Before double-clicking the mouse, pay close
attention to the appearance of the mouse pointer. If
there are lines to the right of the I-beam pointer,
the text you type will flow to the right of the
insertion point. If the lines are to the left, the text will
flow to the left of the insertion point, and if the
lines are below the I-beam, the text will be
centered at the insertion point (see Figure 2-2).
Using the Scroll Bars
The Word document screen includes two scroll
bars; a vertical scroll bar and a horizontal scroll bar;
however, depending on the current view and the
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