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Moving Around the Screen
document zoom amount, you may not see the
horizontal scroll bar. Figure 2-3 illustrates a document
with both scroll bars visible.
Using the Keyboard
As you’ve seen, you can work on any part of the
document that appears on your screen simply by
clicking the mouse pointer where you want to work. You
can also move around in a Word document by
pressing the Up, Down, Right, or Left arrow keys on the
keyboard. Each press of the key moves the insertion
point one character or one line at a time.
Horizontal scroll bar Vertical scroll bar Scroll box
There are also a number of shortcut keys designed
to speed up the process of moving around in a Word
document. Table 2-1 illustrates these shortcut keys.
Table 2-1 Word’s Movement Shortcut Keys
To Move
Do This
A word at a time
Press Ctrl+Right arrow
or Ctrl+Left arrow
Figure 2-3
Word document scroll bars.
A paragraph at a time
Press Ctrl+Up arrow or
Ctrl+Down arrow
A full screen up at
Press PageUp
a time
Click the arrow at either end of the scroll bar to
move the document up or down in the window, or
click the arrow at either end of the horizontal scroll
bar to move the document left or right. Displaying
text by using the scroll bars does not move the
insertion point. You still need to click the mouse
wherever you want to locate the insertion point.
A full screen down
Press PageDown
at a time
To the beginning of
Press Home
a line
To the end of a line
Press End
To the top of the
Press Ctrl+Home
Drag Scroll Box
To the bottom of
Press Ctrl+End
Optionally, drag the scroll box up or down to
quickly move through a document.
the document
To a specified page
Press Ctrl+G, enter the
page number, and then
press Enter
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