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Designing Table Appearance
Chapter 19
Modifying an Access Database
Moving Table Fields
The table lists the fields in the order you created
them, but if you want to change the order of the
fields, you can easily do so.
Mouse pointer
Select the field column you want to move by
clicking on the field heading. Position your mouse over
the column heading so the mouse pointer is a
white arrow pointing left. See Figure 19-6.
Mouse pointer
Figure 19-7
Moving the field to a new position.
Hiding Table Fields
If your table has fields that you don’t particularly
want to view, but you don’t want to delete them
because you use the data elsewhere, you can hide
them from view. And just as easily, you can unhide
them when you want them. If the field is used in
any calculation, Access still performs the
calculation even though the field is hidden. Follow these
steps to hide a field:
Figure 19-6
Reordering the table fields.
Open the table containing the field you want
to hide.
Press the mouse button down until you see a thick
line on the left side of the field column. Drag the
mouse until the thick line is to the right of the
column you want in front of it. In Figure 19-7, I am
moving the field Cell Phone so that it will be right
after the Home Phone field. When you release the
mouse button, Access moves the field and all its
data to the new position.
2. Click the field column heading, which
highlights the entire field.
3. Choose Home>Records>More. A menu of
options appears. See Figure 19-8 where I
have selected the Middle Initial field that I
want to hide.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
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