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Modifying Table Structure
Chapter 19
Modifying an Access Database
Selected field
Figure 19-9
Inserting a new field.
Figure 19-10
Select where you want the new field.
But what if you want a new numeric or date field?
Although using the “quick and easy” method is
great, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to choose
a field type or other field attributes. The second
method involves going into the Design View and
from there you have a great amount of control
over the new field.
3. Choose Table Tools Design>Tools>Insert
Rows. Access inserts a blank row.
4. In the Field Name box, enter a name for the
new field.
5. In the Data Type box, select a data type.
Follow these steps to add a new field through
Design View.
Add a Field at the Bottom
Open the table you want to add new fields
to, then choose Home>Views>View
(arrow)>Design View. Access switches to
Design View. This is the same view you used
when you first created your table.
If you just want to add a new field to the
bottom of the list, just begin typing the field
name in the Field Name column and select a
data type.
2. Click the gray box to the left of the field
where you want to insert the new field. The
field becomes selected. See Figure 19-10.
6. Click the Save button on the Quick Access
Click Table Tools Design (or Home)>Views>
View (arrow)>Datasheet View to return to
your normal table view.
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