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Modifying Table Structure
Deleting Table Fields
When you delete a field, Access deletes not only the
field but all data stored in the field. And you cannot
“undo” the action. Because the act of deleting a
field is potentially harmful, Access prompts you for
confirmation before deleting any field and its data.
say five characters for a Zip Code, then you enter 5.
If your data type is numeric, click in the Format
box. Access provides the Field Size drop-down
menu. Most users leave the numeric data size as
the default Long Integer.
The format option primarily controls how
numbers, dates, and times appear in the table. If your
data is numeric, click in the Format box and
choose one of the options seen in Figure 19-11.
Just as when you add a field, Access provides a
quick and easy method to delete fields. From the
open table, right-click your mouse over a field and
choose Delete Field. A confirmation message
appears. Click Yes.
Click this area to display the drop-down arrow
Checking Field Properties
Besides a data type, every field you create in your
database has properties that determine attributes
which control a variety of field characteristics.
These traits include how many characters can be
entered in a field, verification that a field meets
assigned values, the number of decimal places, and
more. You manage all field properties through the
Design View. Choose Home>View>Views
(arrow)>Design View. Field properties for the
selected field appear at the bottom of the screen.
The choices that appear depend on the field type
you’re working with. Let’s take a look at a few of
the field properties.
Save Property Changes
Figure 19-11
Select a numeric type.
Be sure to click the Save button after making
any field property change.
If your data is a Date/Time type, you get a
dropdown menu to select from like the one you see in
Figure 19-12.
Field Size
The Field Size option only appears for Text and
Numeric data types. If you are working with a text
field, the maximum number of characters is 255,
but if you want it restricted to a smaller number,
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