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Modifying Table Structure
less than or equal to 150,000. The expression (rule)
you would enter is >=40000 AND <=150000.
Validation text Attempted entry
You can type the expression in the Validation Rule
text box or you can click the three dots in the box.
The Expression Builder dialog box appears. Enter
your expression in the top box then click OK. See
Figure 19-14.
Figure 19-15
A validation error message.
By default, any field of any record can be blank. In
the required box, if you choose Yes instead of No,
Access will not let you leave the record until an
entry is made in the required field. For example, if
you require that a State be entered for each record
and you try to access another record without
entering a State for the current record, a warning
message appears like you see in Figure 19-16.
Figure 19-14
The Expression Builder.
Additional Functions
The Expression Builder box also has
additional functions you can use to create
validation rules. Click the Help button
for more information.
Validation Text
If someone enters data that violates your validation
rule, Access displays a message. You can customize
the message by entering a statement in the
Validation Text box. What you enter is what the users
see if they enter data that doesn’t fit the
requirement, regardless of whether you enter the data in
Datasheet View or Form View. See Figure 19-15.
Figure 19-16
The field entry required error message.
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