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Modifying Table Structure
Chapter 19
Modifying an Access Database
Text Align
This option determines how the text is aligned in a
field column. You can change this option by
choosing an alignment option from the Text Formatting
group on the Home tab.
Combo box: Combo boxes let the data
entry choose multiple selections from a
drop-down menu. See Figure 19-18 for a
sample combo box lookup.
Show Date Picker
Anytime you set a field data type to Date/Time,
Access displays the little calendar to the right
where you can select a date. However, if you don’t
want the calendar, you can set this option to
Never. The data entry person must then type the
date in the format you specify.
Figure 19-18
Sample combo box.
This option is one of my personal favorites. You may
not have noticed it, but each field properties section
displays an additional tab, the Lookup tab where
you can determine the entry type you want to use:
The following steps show you how to set up
Lookup options.
From the Design View, select a text field in
which you want to create a lookup.
Text box: The default choice, a text box
simply lets the data entry person type the
2. From the Field properties, click the Lookup
List box: A list box provides a drop-down
menu from which the data entry person
must choose one option. No other choices
are acceptable. Figure 19-17 illustrates a
sample lookup list.
3. Click the Display Control arrow and choose
List Box or Combo Box, depending on which
option you want. A variety of additional
properties appear.
4. Click in the Row Source Type field, click the
arrow, and choose Value list.
5. Click the Allow Value Edit Lists option and
choose Yes.
6. If you are using a Combo Box, click Allow
Multiple Values and select Yes. If you are
creating a List, leave this option set to No.
Figure 19-17
Sample lookup.
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