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Modifying a Form
Chapter 19
Modifying an Access Database
Modifying a Form
When you create a form (Create>
Forms>Form), Access places every field in
your table on the form and places them
in a columnar format. And while that may be just
fine for you, you may want to mix things up a bit.
Text Field label Database field Selected field
Changes you make to tables such as adding or
removing fields do not necessarily reflect on your
forms. So you might want to modify a form to
match those database changes. However, you do
not have to display all fields on your form!
Typically forms have a descriptive text label next to
the field. The label describes and identifies the
field . All changes to the forms are made in Form
Design. Open the form you want to modify and
choose Home>Views>View (arrow)>Design View.
Figure 19-20
Working in Form Design.
If you want to delete all the fields and start over,
press Ctrl+A, which selects everything on the form.
If you have any selected fields or labels you don’t
want to delete, hold down the Ctrl key and click on
those items to deselect them. In Figure 19-21, all
items but the header items are selected. Press the
Delete key to remove the selected fields and labels.
Deleting a Field from a Form
When deleting a field from the form, no data will
be lost. This just means that the field data cannot
be accessed from the form. A form is simply a
different way you can view the database information.
From the Design View seen in Figure 19-20, select
the field you want to delete. A heavy border
surrounds the field. Press the Delete key to delete the
field from the form. You probably will want to
delete the field label as well, so click the label to
select it and press the Delete key.
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