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Modifying a Form
Mouse pointer has a small box
Figure 19-21
Deleting all fields.
Figure 19-22
Adding a field to the form.
3. Release the mouse button where you want
the field. Both the field label and the field
appear on the form. You’ll see in the next
section how to move the fields and the labels
If you accidentally delete the wrong field
from your form, use the Undo button on the
Quick Access Toolbar or close the form
without saving any changes.
4. Continue adding any desired fields and their
labels. You can delete any unwanted field
Adding a Field to a Form
If you decide to start over and create your own
form, you’ll probably need to add fields back onto
the form. To add fields, you need to see the Field
List. When the Field List is displayed, all available
fields appear and you can easily place them on your
form. Follow these steps to add a field to your form:
5. Click the Save button on the Quick Access
Moving a Form Field
If you need a field or a field label in a different
position, Access makes it easy to move. The way you
move objects around depends on whether you want
to move the field and heading together or separate.
From Design View, display the field list by
clicking Form Design Tools Design>Tools>
Add Existing Fields. A Field List appears.
If you want to move both the field and
the heading together, click on the field
itself, then position the mouse pointer
over the heavy orange border
surrounding the field until the mouse becomes a
four-headed arrow. Then drag the border
2. Click the field you want and drag it onto the
form. As you drag it, your mouse pointer has
a small box under it like the one seen in
Figure 19-22.
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