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Modifying a Form
To change a form theme, from the form Design
View, choose Form Design Tools Design>Themes>
Themes. A gallery of available themes appears, as
you see in Figure 19-24. Click the Theme you want.
When you add a background picture, Access keeps
the form fields white so they sit on top of the
picture and you can still see the data. The labels,
however, are a different story. If your picture has a lot
of color in it as you see in Figure 19-25, notice that
the field labels are almost impossible to read.
Field labels
Figure 19-25
Add a background picture.
To remedy that problem, while in the form Design
View, select the field labels either one at a time, or
select multiple labels by holding down the Ctrl key
while choosing the labels. Then choose Form Tools
Format>Font and choose an appropriate font color.
In Figure 19-26, I made the field labels larger,
white, and bold.
Figure 19-24
Select a different theme.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Adding a Form Background
If changing the theme doesn’t glitz up your form
enough, you can add a background picture to the
form. Go to the form Design View and choose
Form Design Tools Format>Background>
Background Image>Browse. The Insert Picture
dialog box appears. Navigate to and select the picture
you want for the form background and click OK.
Access inserts the picture on the form background.
Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Figure 19-26
After changing the label color.
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