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Modifying a Form
Chapter 19
Modifying an Access Database
What about if you add a background and then
decide you don’t want it after all? Can you remove
it? You can remove it, but doing so is not very
intuitive. Use the following steps to remove a form
2. Right-click the image you no longer want for
your background and choose Delete. The
image no longer appears in the Image
Gallery, but your form still shows the
3. Click the Save button on the Quick Access
From the form Design View choose Form
Design Tools Format>Background>
Background Image. An Image Gallery
appears. See Figure 19-27. The Image Gallery
is a collection of recently used database
4. Switch to Form View by choosing Home>
Views>View>Form View. The background
image disappears from the screen.
Figure 19-27
Removing a background
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