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Looking at the Outlook Window
Looking at the Outlook Window
When you first open Outlook,
the Outlook Today page appears, showing
you what’s on your calendar for today,
tasks on your to-do list, and a summary of your
e-mail situation (see Figure 20-1). Across the top of
the window, you see the Outlook Ribbon with tabs
and groups like other Office products.
Customizing Outlook Today
You can customize the Outlook Today page by
clicking Customize Outlook Today in the
upperright corner of the window. Outlook displays the
Customize Outlook Today page (see Figure 20-2).
Navigation Pane Customize Outlook Today
Figure 20-2
Set options for the Outlook Today window.
Figure 20-1
Viewing your agenda in the Outlook Today
If you remove the check from the When
Starting, Go Directly To Outlook Today box,
Outlook doesn’t display Outlook Today
when you open the program. Instead,
Outlook displays your Inbox, which
contains e-mail messages you receive.
The Navigation Pane runs down the left side of the
screen, and you click the buttons in the Navigation
Pane to switch to different areas in Outlook. For
example, to work with Outlook’s to-do list, click
Tasks or to manage your appointments, click
Calendar. When you click Mail, Outlook highlights
Personal Folders in the Navigation Pane and
continues displaying the Outlook Today page. You use
the items listed below Personal Folders to help you
work with e-mail.
You can click the Choose Folders button to
display the Select Folder dialog box, which
you can use to select folders to appear on
the Outlook Today page. I recommend you
at least display the Inbox, Drafts, Sent
Items, Deleted Items, Junk E-mail, and
Outbox folders.
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