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Working with E-Mail
Chapter 20
Communicating with Outlook E-Mail
In the Calendar section of the Customize
Outlook Today page, specify the number of
calendar days you want shown on the
Outlook Today page.
Today page. The default, called Standard, is
a three-column layout. You can select to use
a two-column layout, a one-column layout,
or you can select the Summer or the Winter
layout, which both use a two-column layout
but present a different appearance of the
Outlook Today page.
In the Tasks section, identify the tasks you
want to appear on the Outlook Today page
and then identify how you want Outlook to
sort them.
When you finish setting Outlook Today options, click
Save Changes to see the effects of your changes.
In the Styles section, you can control the
layout and appearance of the Outlook
Working with E-Mail
Think of e-mail as electronic letter writing.
Using e-mail is a quick and easy way to keep in
touch with people both nearby and far away.
And, for reasons I can’t begin to explain, writing an
e-mail seems to take less time than writing a letter.
There’s no question that e-mail is here to stay.
Other E-Mail Accounts
You also can sign up for an e-mail address
that isn’t connected to a specific ISP. For
example, Microsoft offers free Hotmail
email accounts and Google offers free Gmail
e-mail accounts. Using these accounts, you
can collect e-mail using an Internet browser
such as Internet Explorer, or you can collect
the e-mail in Outlook.
To use e-mail, you need an Internet connection, an
Internet Service Provider (ISP), and an e-mail
address. Your computer must contain hardware—a
modem or a network card—to support an Internet
connection. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)
tells you what equipment your computer needs to
use the service (and often provides you with some
or all of the equipment) and also gives you an
email address.
Once you sign up for service with an ISP, set up
your Internet connection, and obtain an e-mail
address, you’re ready to start using the e-mail
capabilities in Outlook.
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